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Our Story

A Cents Of Change was sparked by a simple but powerful idea: Every woman should have the tools to rule her financial world. We're not just handing out tips and tricks; we're serving up real, transformative knowledge. Our mission? Help close that wealth gap, one confident decision at a time.

We don't just stop at teaching you how to budget or tackle debt. We focus on creating a financial plan that's as unique as your dreams and as dynamic as your lifestyle. It's not only about dollars making sense; it's about understanding the emotional and mental hurdles that might be keeping you from hitting those financial goals.

Our offerings? Well, they're as diverse as the women we serve. We've got workshops that light a fire under you, strategy sessions that clear the fog, and networking opportunities that put you in the same room with your next mentor or collaborator. Our goal is to give you the keys to financial peace of mind and life-long stability.

Imagine a world where women aren't just surviving; they're thriving. Where financial literacy isn't a luxury, but a standard. That's the world we're building—one connection, one community, one empowered woman at a time.

"It's like the event was created just for me"

Women with F.U.E.L. Weekend

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